Mentorship that Leads to Business Ownership

Come. Back. Swinging.® is a Business Mentorship Accelerator, created to change lives, launch dreams and build wealth for emerging and existing business owners.



Our Business Mentorship Accelerator is a proven seven-step system that has helped over 100 people launch their ideas, become profitable business owners and build generational wealth!

1. Complete our Strengths Assessment to determine your top talents, gifts & skills

2. Pivot into a professional role that leverages your number #1 talent (even if it's trading time for money in a traditional job at first)

3. Develop two side hustles, gigs and/or passion projects that align with your top talents & skills that require minimal time output (i.e., book writing, speaking, consulting, coaching)

4. Build your tribe: mentors, advisors, accountability partners, counselors, confidantes and life/energy groups

5. Use financial resources from your job, side hustles, gigs and passion projects to invest in assets that generate passive income

6. Establish a business that aligns with your top talents, skills and passions, meets an urgent need and solves an immediate problem 

7. Transition into full-time business ownership; build your strategy into a system that can be scaled; optimize tech, workflow & processes

If you are interested in bringing our system to your organization or to enroll, please reach out below. 


Over the years, we have worked with emerging entrepreneurs, student leaders, military personnel, government workers and career professionals as well as people struggling with all kinds of obstacles, from incarceration to addiction, to help them become successful business owners using our proven seven-step system.

Our founder, Darrell Bennett, is a Harvard Law School alum, former attorney and the founder of The B-Squared Global Group. Darrell is also known as THE COMEBACK KING for his powerful personal story and his incredible work helping people turnaround negatives into positives.



Once you enroll in our Business Mentorship Accelerator Program, you'll get:


- Strategic Business Review from Harvard Grad Business Consultants

- Legal Advisement Session

- Consultation with Financial Advisors

- Tech Assessment with Cybersecurity Consultants


- Personalized Mentorship

- 1:1 Executive Coaching

- Community and Networking with Other Business Owners & Emerging Entrepreneurs

- Access to our Corporate Business Partners, Suppliers and Vendors

- Support & Accountability Partnership

- Effective Communication Coaching

- Proven System to Launch, Grow & Scale Your Business Enterprise

- Backstage access to Private, Closed-Door Events and Seminars



Business licensure, EIN registration, gov't certification, business plan



Sales pipeline, branding, marketing, case studies, testimonials



Optimized workflow and tech, automated processes

Reach out to us directly to get started today or text (800) 513-0443.


Launched 100+ recent grads and career professionals to becoming full-time profitable business owners.

Helped people increase their personal income by an average of 30%. 

Helped over 100 individuals gain acceptance to Ivy League universities and graduate schools.

Created over a dozen business mentorship programs for colleges, churches and community organizations

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Special thanks to the amazing organizations we've worked with over the years:


City University of New York

State University of New York

BMI Initiative

Urban Male Leadership Academy

New York Department of Veterans Services

Student Innovator Fellowship

University of Cape Town, South Africa

Law @ Work Programme 

New York City Workforce One

Whole Life Mentorship Proximity Project

The Take Off Institute 

Young Black Business Owners Association

IMPACT Leadership Program

Exodus Transitional Community

To inquire about us bringing our Business Mentorship Accelerator to your organization, please reach out below. 



Once you enroll in our Business Mentorship Accelerator, or any of our mentorship programs, you'll get access to JOURNY™, our exclusive mentorship mobile app, which unlocks:

- Your customized entrepreneurship development game-plan

- Personal inspirational videos and audio content from us to you 

- Our motivational virtual community and corporate business network

- Daily, weekly and monthly action items

- Motivational mentorship sessions

- Relevant online resources to help you stay motivated and focused

- First dibs on our NFT Collection & Come. Back. Swinging.® drops

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