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We help people restart and rise again after catastrophic challenges and life-changing adversity.


"Tough times don't last: but tough people do!"

Come Back. Swinging.® is based on the lived experience and best-selling memoirs of Darrell J. Bennett, an internationally renowned inspirational figure, with a powerful personal story and an incredible gift for motivating and helping people rise above their toughest moments, who himself overcame depression, imprisonment, and catastrophic loss. 

Who We Help

We help: Young professionals Business executives High net worth individuals Government officials Leaders of movements Religious leaders Cope with and restart after: Personal tragedy Financial devastation Imprisonment Death Disease Relationship loss Spiritual transformation

Darrell's memoirs, Come. Back. Swinging., is a must-read for people experiencing crisis and adversity: a coming-of-age journey about how Darrell restarted after total loss and turned his story into a platform to inspire others.


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