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Our masterclasses are self-guided video lecture series and include one free personal strategy session at no additional cost.

"Create Your OWN Economy!"

Accelerate Your Business & Brand 

"STOP! Your B.S. (Belief System) Is Holding You Back!"

Elevate Your Mindset & Life 

"You Too Can Be In The Ivy League"

Mastermind Your Educational & Career Journey

(for JD & MBA Candidates)


Mastermind Wealth Creation Business Accelerator

Go from 0 to $1m with less.


Designed for founders and influencers building businesses and brands in the changing landscape of 2023.

Ivy League Admissions Strategy Accelerator

The days of believing that attending the Ivy League is only a dream are over.


Created for JD and MBA candidates looking to get into their top choice, both the mechanics and the mindset that it takes to succeed and achieve. 

Mastermind Personal Growth Accelerator

Learn how to discover your life’s Purpose, live a higher expression of your true self and achieve so-called “impossible” goals. 


Designed for young leaders, influencers and high-achievers determined to leave the life they were born into to embrace the life they are born to live.

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$1 per day

Personal videos & texts
Private Whatsapp community
Money Blueprint

Access to our mentorship mobile app, Journy™ 

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