We help justice-impacted citizens and residents skip the often humiliating process of trying to get a job to become business owners of their own profitable enterprises.

Our work is both individual, through entrepreneurial development and training, and institutional, through corporate work with C-suiters and influencers who are serious about becoming changer-makers. 



You don't have to be a business owner to own your professional life


We work with a number of organizations that equip justice-impacted individuals with the entrepreneurial mindset, skills, resources, and network that they need to be successful as business owners.


Our PIVOT Program is a comprehensive virtual program that teaches people how to own their professional career, have more freedom over their time, get paid more and hold a better bargaining position over their employers -- simply by repositioning.

- How to incorporate a business with less than $200

- How to keep a current job but re-negotiate to get paid as a consultant (1099-C) as opposed to an employee (tax-incentives for both parties)

- How to use status as a consultant to work in a business/industry with a criminal record that you wouldn't be able to as an employee

- How to get minority certifications from state and federal authorities to get grant monies

- How to create your own revenue streams from your gifts and talents

- How to develop products and services that create passive income

- How to build relationships with the power brokers and stake holders in the professional world so you get traction on your dreams and ideas



We partner with a number of powerful social justice organizations that offer everything, from delivering trauma-informed corporate trainings, to providing leading advocates and influencers as speakers and presenters for company events, to offering 1:1 and group executive coaching sessions for C-level executives who are committed to transformative equity, diversity and inclusion within their own organizations. 

If you are interested in becoming a change-maker and partnering with us, please reach out.