We believe the two most crucial challenges facing America today are the issues surrounding jobs and justice -- and that we cannot solve one without addressing the other.  That is why, as an organization, we are intensely focused on all things pertaining to social equity and sustainment employment on both the individual and institutional levels.

In January, Darrell's office launched the #JobsandJustice Initiative, announcing an ambitious goal of working with employers to help 100,000 people from disenfranchised communities across America find sustainable employment in 2021. 

For Employers

If you are an employer, particularly a franchisee or medium sized business owner, looking for better and more cost efficient ways to do high volume hiring, reach out to us.


We partner with several tech, staffing and talent acquisition companies that help employers with hiring, retention, diversity and inclusion strategies.

For Colleges & Graduate Schools

If you are interesting in learning more about bringing our leadership programs to your university or graduate school, please reach out to us.


We are shaping the next generation of business and social justice leaders who will go on to shape the world.  Our partners include some of the nation's leading academic institutions, including HBCUs and college and Ivy League programs focused on minority student development as well as organizations such as the UNCF and MBK.

For Social Justice Organizations

If you are a social justice organization looking for consultancy services or to partner with us, please reach out.

We help organizations be more effective in doing this work.  Our partners by offering a range of services, ranging from trauma-informed trainings so your staff can better relate to the populations you serve to helping you develop partnerships with major influencers, stakeholders and similarly situated organizations in this space.