Come. Back. a motivational lifestyle brand that delivers products, services and content to uplift and inspire.  Our founder, Darrell Bennett, often says he feels like he was put on Earth to motivate and encourage others.  His intention with Come. Back. Swinging. was to create a platform solely and squarely focused on spreading hope, encouragement and good news to people when they need it most.  


We are in the process of building a livestream global channel that features motivational speakers, inspirational artists and encouraging videos 24/7, all day, every day.

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Since writing his first book at 18, Darrell has delivered over 1000 public speeches at colleges, companies, churches and conventions around the world, including at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, International Baccalaureate World Conference and the Global Knowledge Festival.  His impact has been felt from Fortune 500 companies and Ivy League universities to churches and prisons.

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Our goal is to encourage and empower 1 billion people over the next three years.


Our mission is to give people a greater sense of meaning for their lives, more hope and increased confidence so that they can navigate the challenges of life more effectively, enjoy the journey more and achieve their biggest dreams.

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We believe that the ultimate goal of motivation is transformation that leads to mentorship—which we define as one empowering many.  Our personal stories and lived experiences have become our greatest strength, and we are shaping the next generation of leaders, innovators and influencers.

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BSG GLOBAL, our sister organization, is a professional mentorship and sales development company, founded by alumni of Harvard University, Morehouse College and the London School of Economics.  Our mission is to take people from historically disenfranchised communities and transform them into professional sellers, profitable entrepreneurs and franchise business owners.

Helped Entrepreneurs to Create $2.5 Million+ in Profit
Increased Personal Incomes By An Average of 30%
Placed 2500+ Individuals at Fortune 500 Companies
Guided 100+ Applicants to Ivy League Universities


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We have created over a dozen mentorship programs and business accelerators for colleges, companies and community organizations.

City University of New York

State University of New York

BMI Initiative

Urban Male Leadership Academy

New York Department of Veterans Services

Student Innovator Fellowship

University of Cape Town, South Africa

Law @ Work Programme 

New York City Workforce One

Whole Life Mentorship Proximity Project

The Take Off Institute 

Young Black Business Owners Association

IMPACT Leadership Program

Exodus Transitional Community


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